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Hybrid Solar Water Heater

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Why Hybrid Solar Water Heater?

Designing the solar hot water systems, whether considering the direction of installation, it is recommended to consider other components as well, that is, the main equipment of the system should be up to ASHREA-93-77 standards. Moreover, the solar energy is only for the daytime, so we should consider to design the backup energy for the nigh period in order to sustain ability of overall system.


An Innovation energy saving technology for all solutions

Gross Area



Selective black chrome

Insulation Thickness


Max. Working Pressure


New 5 STAR Hybrid Solar Water Heaters for all applications!!!

Features and Key Benefits

  • Low iron temped glass resistance to heat and cool shock

  • Selective black chrome absorber coating

  • Copper tube with lase wielding

  • Thickness fiber glass insulation

  • SRCC certified

  • Less Maintenance

  • Longer Service life cycle

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How to select hybrid energy?

The Backup system or system integration can be available in various styles depending on the basic needs and the value of investment. The company has designed a system that can be used as a real backup.

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Incoloy heating element

Hybrid Solar with Heating Elements

Electric power mix (Heat coils) are mostly designed to be dipped in the tank. Opportunities for backup power systems are more than solar power systems which causes the investment leading to waste as it cannot reduce the actual cost. The company has developed the control system of heating coils to ensure the solar hot water investment be applicable.

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Rheem Storage Tanks

Hybrid Solar with Rheem Storage Tanks

The advantages of choosing an electric boiler backup power system is minimal investment and can also be designed. The solar system is not 100% efficient. Serial control Power supply heat dissipation. Reduce unnecessary power consumption. Rheem Electric Boiler is also known as The World largest Water heaters manufacturing. Engineers all over the world give quality assurance. And long life

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Raypak Gas Boiler

Hybrid Solar with Raypak Gas Boiler

Boiler Gas is more efficient backup power. It can help reduce the cost of producing hot water because when comparing the cost of energy, gas is twice cheaper than electricity, you can choose natural gas NGV or LPG. Solar energy investment is the most cost effective.

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Ecotech Heat Pump

Hybrid solar with ecotech heat pump

Because of its ecotech heat pump system, can save up to 4 times producing hot water compared to other energy sources. Therefore, the design by choosing ecotech heat pump system as a backup power will be the best one for energy saving solution.